Chair Massage

I love to listen to the person in front of me, and adjust my massage skills to the needs of that individu. I use many different massage techniques, classic massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage and Shiatsu . I also use energy-work and mind fullness techniques during my massages. A massage like this is always unique.


Chair massage gives you the opportunity to get a massage virtually anywhere. With no need to disrobe you can have your massage in the office, at a student center, wedding, festivals, outside or in any public setting. Chair massage allows you to incorporate wellness into your daily life. There’s no need to carve out a lot of time.

Since you do not need to disrobe, there is no need for creams or oils. I can give effective shorter massages which helps when you are living on the go or when you are looking to have massage therapy provided to a large group of people.

Besides convenience, the specially designed massage chairs allows the person receiving a massage to completely relax. The special massage chair was made to hold every muscle of your body without you having to do a thing but enjoy.

You will be amazed at the effect a massage can have when given in a massage chair.

There are many positive reasons to provide chair massage at a company.

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