Yin Yoga Live Music – Facing your inner battles

2 november 2017

19:00 - 20:15

wibautstraat 150


During this yin- class we will honour ARJUNA, a famous (spiritual) warrior. This class is blessed by live hang music, from a dear friend Kai Kohen. (13)

This evening we will need courage to look within and face our inner battles.

We all strive to live our soul’s purpose, but sometimes our mind conflicts with our feelings and causes confusion. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient text that has an important teaching for those of us who experience this internal struggle. In this story, Arjuna the peaceful warrior is faced with a choice to act or not act in what he feels is a no-win situation for himself.

Ahimsa is the principle of non-violence, which is a fundamental in the yoga Philosophy. It is rooted in the belief that all lives, both human and non-human, are sacred. This is why on the eve of a great war, the choice between duty and non-violence leaves Arjuna in a state of inner conflict in this story. Being a peaceful warrior requires you to stand firmly in your spiritual path, dharma, but sometimes we don’t have the clarity to know what the best choice is. This requires an active fearlessness and non-attachment, which is embodied in the famous parable of Arjuna and Krishna’s discussion on the battlefield.

Yin Yoga is a sweet, gentle and therapeutic form of yoga. We hold the poses for some minutes and we try to relax as much as we can. We follow the natural rhythm of our body. We reach deeper layers of the body, tissues, so the self healing process of the body can take place.

The practice can give you stillness, you can experience space, space to breath, space in your heart, space for your body, space to just be, space to live. Every pose is a beautiful opportunity to dive in meditation.

Kai Kohen shows us courage aswell by performing at such a young age. He will play some tunes on his HANG. This young man ( 13) travelled more countries than you and I together, he speaks 4 languages fluently but understand we can speak languages which are not related to a group of people or country.
Languages we all understand, LAUGHTER, LOVE and the language of music.
The Hang, the wonderful music of a hang drum, can bring you easily in a trance. It will calm you and give you courage when you feel an internal battlefield bubbling up.

Register your spot at yoga@volkshotel.nl
Price: 15,- euro
FREE entrance Sauna and HOT TUB after class

This special Yin Yoga class at Volkshotel is led by Mareille Outshoorn.

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