yoga retreat South of Spain

Starts 21 mei 2017
Ends 27 mei 2017

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After and during this week, you will feel absolutely connected again. Conected with yourself, the body, the soul, other people, connected with the planet, the whole enviroment. You understad better your place in this world, it will calm your mind immensily.

The Sanskrit word yoga has many meanings, but one of them is ‘to connect’.
If you ask people: “When are you feeling most happy?” All the answers have in their own way to do with a connection.

The interconnection between body, mind and soul is of a great importance today as we are losing this connection through the speed of modern life.
And how we connect with ourselves has a lot to do with how we connect with our family, colleagues, friends or partner. And on a different level also with how we connect with the earth, nature and universe.

In this week it’s all about connection, we will practice a strong Vinyasa Flow class every morning. On two late afternoons a calming Yin Yoga session. One afternoon we will literally connect with each other on the sand in front of the ocean to play together some Acro Yoga. And on one afternoon we are going to explore a bit of Thai yoga massage.

With Mareille Yoga & Massage

Vinyasa fun retreat - South of Spain

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