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Teachertraining Monthana Encantada 2013

Everybody that may think that I am doing yoga poses all day, that I can fold myself up in a suitcase, unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. I still cant sit in a Lotus pose and I am also still not yet enlightened. But I am a free spirit in making small steps closer to who I really am by integrating body, mind and soul through this intense yoga teacher training course. To turn my passion into a profession so I can share my experiences and wisdom.

Despite the busy program I created some time to write this blog. Two weeks have passed, I am half way. I’m quite busy, we have a full program 6 days a week. But Saturday is a day off and then you can find me on the beach surfing 🙂

Around 06:15 I get out of my bed. After the daily routine of cleaning my mouth and tongue, there is a vinyasa class in the morning from 7:15 till 9:30. Then there is a lovely breakfast. At 10:30 we dance on a song picked by a new student everyday. I love the dancing part. Straight after the dance we start ‘Session I’. Session I can be an anatomy class, yoga philosophy or acro yoga. Then at 13:00 there is big lunch-buffet and till 16:30 we have siesta. Often we use this to create things, study or practice and teaching. I also use this time to exchange massage and have a swim at the waterfall. From 16:30 till 18:30 we have session II. This is a yoga class or practicing teaching or theory about the poses. From 19:00 till 20:00 we have diner and from 20:30 till 21:30 the last class.

During the morning-class we get a lot of ‘food’ for our mind. The class starts with a subject of the day. The subject is one of the Yama’s and Niyama’s. These are ten common-sensible guidelines how to lead a healthier life and how to bring spiritual awareness into a social context. But yoga is not about mindlessly accepting externally imposed rules, it is about finding your own truth. Its also not about judging what its right and what is wrong or what is bad and good.

The yamas and nyamas are very powerful and they have a great impact on me. Also on the other students because many of them are going through a lot of emotions. Every student came here with a different reason from a different background. We all learning about the universal Yamas and the Nyamas and slowly trying to integrate it in our life.

There are 5 Yamas and 5 Nyamas. One of them is called Asteya, which stands for Non stealing. And it refers to the stealing that grows from believing we can not create what we need. It can causes greed. And stealing from yourself by not doing things, because you created a believe that your not good at those things or a believe that you will be a better person when you have those things.

I have a crazy mind and I think a lot. I have to admit that in my crazy life I am stealing many things from myself. And while David was singing the beautiful mantra Om namo Bhagavade, my tears were rolling down my cheek. I’m working his week with the following beautiful affirmation:

I live in gratitude for all i have. I take and use only what is rightfully mine. I respect the possessions and the talents of others and release my desires to own objects or talents I do not have.
I appreciate my life as it is.

At the moment of writing I feel good and I am very grateful for this special teacher-training in Brasil . I’m really celebrating life in a very profound way. Every day yoga, dancing and singing. Laughing and crying, teaching and studying. Learning to embrace my shadow-site, put away all my masks and have the courage do show the world real Mareille. Its a long process, but i trust the process!

Under the tree of Yoga we ARE one.

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