NewsLetter June 2019

Hello Yoga & Life Lovers,
My second newsletter of this year 2019. Its getting summer by now and I feel the yang energy running through my body. 
I just came back from a super sweet yoga retreat in South of Spain, Casa Erica. Always nice to go there, this year I was guiding the yoga, together with yoga-teacher, Julia Bayr, an Aerial Yoga teacher from Austria. It was a big succes, we sang and meditated every day, we went swimming, climbing, relaxing, reading, we laughed and we cried and the food was mjammymjammymjammy! Who will join us next year? We will organise something similar next year for sure!

The weekend before the retreat I had my last weekend of – the in total 5 weekends – ‘Path of Love’, a  Shamanistic Inner Journey  where I really experienced a deep healing proces. I feel I have a new family, so many new brothers and sisters to share, laugh and be quiet with. I’m still shining and I’m grateful forever that I have chosen this Path.
Dieke, one of the facilitators and creator of this path of Love is coming to VolksYoga soon! (more info below)

 I feel ready to share my new experiences and knowledge in to the world. Often the yoga philosophy that I share in my classes is woven with my own personal journey. I feel that that part of my yoga class, ’the personal part”, is growing, it feels like it want’s to expand, out my body into the world, like a brand new baby. But here are many babies 😉 

One of my new born baby is a sister – Circle. 
I’m super excited and super proud, as I felt already a long time that I wanted to create a save and holy place where sisters can come together in truth.  I experienced so much healing and grounding when women come together in truth, to support, to be stil and to lift each-other up. Tonight we will start the first gathering, 5 women will come together in my living-room. Hopefully soon I will find a more suitable location where we can more women. 

More new born baby’s in this newsletter:A new Yin yoga experience is coming up! Our first ecstatic dance evening!Yin yoga at 2nd Pentecost day! Early Bird Yoga Classes on Tuesdays.
I wish you tons of (self) love!
And don’t hesitate with any question or just say hello! 

Love Mareille                          
Special Shamanistic Yin yoga Journey with Dieke Bikker Thursday 20th 19:00 – 20:30   @ VolksHotel
Whoopwhoop I am very happy and excited to introduce you to our special guest Dieke Bikker who will play and sing you into a new beautiful sound experience. Expect a deep and healing class based on self – love.

Dieke is living at De Oase Nieuwland. A beautiful community where they work a lot with authenticity of every unique individu. Mareille immediately felt at home in this community and followed a deep inner Path of (self) Love based on shamanistic principles guided by Dieke en her partner Ralph.

This is where we came up with the idea to collect our passions into a Yin and sound experience. 

During this yin Journey Dieke and Mareille will work intuitive with voice, text, sound and touch to create an atmosphere for you to be able to connect again with your own inner truth. To stay true to your inner truth is a key to self – love.

What does self love mean to you?  Is it a tool? Magic? Or something you can practise? Or maybe it just hits you unexpectedly in your heart? Which part of you is easy to love, and which part is very challenging? 

Invite them ALL!

When : Thursday 20th of June
Where : Volkshotel • Wibautstraat 150
Time : 19:00 till 20:30 (arrive at 18:45)
Price : € 15,-
Register : your name + Yin Yoga Live Music
(30 subscriptions available)
Extra : come in yoga or comfy warm clothes, mats are taken care of
Note : Bring your swim gear if you want to go to the rooftop afterwards. Come in yoga or comfy warm clothes, mats are taken care of

Estatic Dance @VolksHotel Friday 12th of July
First timer! 
Have you ever be on a party, where nobody talks? And no-one drinks alcohol?  It maybe sounds boring to you, or scary, or unusual.  It’s definitely something I hope you want to experience! It’s more then a party, It’s a meditation, it’s an art , a way of expressing.
I remember my first ecstatic dance 6 years ago. (big smile and a funny face )

For me Ecstatic Dance It’s such a profound way to express myself without the need to explain myself. I love to dance,         ( and no It doesn’t mean you have to look good for others, this is YOUR dance, let it just feel good for yourself), to use my voice, and I also love to sit still.

Please join me and Dj Mostatic for this body work experience

Friday 12th of July, the first Ecstatic Dance Volkshotel.
Guided by Mareille Yoga & Massage and DJ MoStatic.

19:00- 22:00

OpeningCircle at 19:30 (doors close at 19:30)

Short news!2nd Pentecost day 10th of June, there is a Yin Yoga class instead of the evening Vinyasa class!! Yin Yoga 11:00- 12:30 Regular Price.GooooodMorning! Early Morning Class, Every Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 Am.

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