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Sometimes you have an idea, and you immediately and instinctively know that this is going to be a success.  Last winter, Yvonne (from yoga spirit circle) and I came with the idea to do a yoga workshop in Berlin. Berlin the city where you easily can get lost in time. The city of the never ending raves, the city of graffiti, the city with many centers, parcs, music and art, the city that never sleeps. It sounds to good to be true, but in this city which an enormous of variety of things you can do, you can easily burn yourself out. There is 24 /7  nice stuff going on. You have to plan, time for yourself, time alone. And that’s what we did! We planned a whole day of ZEN, FUN & CONNECTION in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain.

We want it all!
We want to feel zen, and also to have a feeling of connection with ourselves and others, and we want to have fun, don’t we? Yes we want  have a lot of FUN! So we organised a vinyasa-class to challenge the mind and to practise to be grateful especially in challenging poses. We organised a partner and acro workshop to feel the oddness and the beauty when we connect with others. And a spiritual journey through a  green forest with Yoga nidra.  And on top of that we arranged the possibility to join a Alternative Tour that will take you beyond the tourist destinations to the heart and soul of the city: Berlin´s underground sights & sounds, world-famous STREET ART and GRAFFITI culture, haunts and hangouts of the famous and infamous and the landmarks of rock, reggae, punk and electronic music.

“The  coloured flags were welcoming us when we walked through the gate and immediately we felt instant rest and peace while entering the garden of Bodhicharya. “

Vegan Living
If you are living or are interested in a vegan lifestyle, Berlin is your city. I have never seen so many shops, restaurants, Ice Bars, and cafes who are clearly promoting their delicious and inspiring vegan food and products.

Around 12:30 we had a fantastic lunch at Vegan Living 1990, a vegan Vietnamese restaurant, with amazing little tapas, and fresh drinks. I chose three ‘bowls’ and a fresh mint/ginger juice. The bowls are like small tapas, i had a mango /wasabi salad, grilled shiitake wrapped in betel leaf, and ‘a pearl on a spoon which was a crispy tofu ball in ginger sauce. Its was so jammy, and all the dishes were served beautiful. A pleasure for stomach and eye.

After a sweet and challenging vinyasa practise and a delicious lunch, we started our partner/ acro yoga workshop. Two hours seems long, but we could easy go on another hour. It was nice to see that trust was build fast and  that fun was the most important factor. It’s amazing to see how progress easily can be made with the help and support of others.

Yoga nidra
After all that fun,  the group could find their most comfortable spot to lie down for yoga nidra. A yoga sleep. In yoga nidra, we consciously take our attention to different parts of the body and relax them. Simply described as effortless relaxation, yoga nidra is an essential end to any yoga pose sequence. Yoga postures ‘warm up’ the body; yoga nidra ‘cools it down’.

Optional Alternative tour

Not everyone made it to the tour, but that’s fine. Going your own way is sometimes the best what you can do to explore the city.The tour was fun and interesting and a good start of the SUN-day.

It was a fantastic weekend! Did you missed it? No worries, we are very inspired to organise next year some more Yoga Berlin Fun!


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