LIVE Classes has started since Saturday 5th of JUNE 2021. We are so happy!

Every Saturday Morning 10:00 am and Monday Evening 19:00 . Register: yoga@volkshotel.nl

Every Saturday Morning you can still join my ZOOM online class.

Email to mareille@mareilleyoga.nl for the zoomlink.  Class is 12 euro

Mareille Yoga & Massage Open yoga classes @ VOLKSHOTEL Amsterdam EAST

Monday  evening 19:00 Inside class at Wooden Room (RIET)
Saturday morning 10:00 AM Inside class at Wooden Room (RIET)

Check Events, for the next Yin Yoga with live music!

See the special Facebook page and the teachers page at VOLKSHOTEL

Want to attend a VolksYoga lesson? Email to: yoga@volkshotel.nl or Fill in the form below.

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