My yoga-journey…

I started my own yoga journey with critical Alignment yoga in 2004. A very interesting hatha-yoga style which gave me a strong foundation.  After years of practicing with Paul Braaksma, I also got interested in the more dynamic styles of yoga, like Ashtanga Vinyasa and Jivamukti. I start following classes at Svaha and Delight around 2010. There I also got interested in Jnana and Bhakti yoga. I followed a 50- hour Pre Teacher Training at Delight Yoga Studio in 2012. After that I studied a 200 – hour TT with David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner, which was such a transformational time for me.  I started to practice yoga on and off the mat. In 2016  I have deepened my  practice with an advanced  300- hour TT Hatha/Ashtanga Ayurveda in South India.

I also learned the magic practice of Yin yoga (Jose de Groot, Mirjam Wagner) and Thai yoga massage, as perfect companions to my yoga practice and to master the skills to soften the body and slow down the mind.

Inspired by critical alignment approach, as well as experiential anatomy, and Vipassana Meditation, my  teaching style focuses on subtle awareness, attention to physical and pranic alignment, stability, fine-tuned organization, and finding full access to our key source of vital energy, the breath. I have been exploring different aspects of spirituality in my own spiritual search. I find my inspiration in The yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita,  Vipassana meditation, non -duality, mindfulness and energy- work.

Great Inspirational spiritual teachers for me are Mooji, Abraham Hicks, Jan Geurtz, Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster, Katie Byron.

I hope I can inspire you as well!

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