Yin Yoga event with live CELLO

31 augustus 2017

19:00 - 20:30

wibautstraat 150 Amsterdam

15,- euro

Thursday 31 augustus 19:00- 20:30.
Fleur Dikken, is back!
One hour and 30 minutes YIN YOGA CLASS, with the touching sound of a Cello and a ‘singing SAW’ led by FLeur Dikken.

This special event is just what you need on a very last day of August. During this class we will honour Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. On top of that, this class is blessed by live cello music, from Fleur Dikken.

Quan Yin (sometimes spelled Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin or Guan Yin) is the Bodhisattva of compassion, revered by Buddhists as the Goddess of Mercy. A Bodhisattva is an “enlightenment being” pledged to universal liberation and happiness. Her name is short for Guan Shi Yin. “Guan” means toobserve, watch, or monitor; “Shi” means the world; “Yin” in this context means sounds, specifically sounds of those who suffer. Thus, Guan Yin is a compassionate being who is the “Hearer of the Cries of the Suffering World”.

This evening we will practise unconditional love towards ourselves. As we call up to Goddess Quan Yin, she will hear our inner critics and help us to look at our shadow sides with compassion.

Yin Yoga is a sweet, gentle and therapeutic form of yoga. We hold the poses for some minutes and we try to relax as much as we can. We follow the natural rhythm of our body. We reach deeper layers of the body, tissues, so the self healing process of the body can take place.

The practice can give you stillness, you can experience space, space to breath, space in your heart, space for your body, space to just be, space to live. Every pose is a beautiful opportunity to dive in meditation.

Register your spot at yoga@volkshotel.nl
Price: 15,- euro
FREE entrance Sauna and HOT TUB after class

By listening to the sound of live cello, there is no other way to be in the present moment. Fleur Dikken is a very inspirational cellist who can easily adjust to the energy in the room. With her cello and ”singing saw’ she makes everyone go straight back to that inner-silence within us.

This special Yin Yoga class at Volkshotel is led by Mareille Outshoorn.


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