How Is Yoga Different From Regular Stretching?

Sure, a lot of yoga is the physical. It’s getting on your mat, touching your toes, sweating a little bit, you know the deal. But we find ourselves doing a lot of “yoga stretches” out of the studio as well (baddhakonasana = ”butterfly stretch”, janu sirsasana = “stretch one leg out as the other one touches your crotch stretch,” etc.). For some people, it’s certainly hard to understand the difference between yoga and the stretching you do after a run or before a sports team practice.

There’s a whole lot more than lengthening your muscles that goes into yoga. Yoga puts a strong emphasis on breath. This obviously helps with relaxation and meditation, but what a lot of people don’t know is that breathing can help you get deeper into your muscles. This constant focus on inhaling and exhaling helps you to pay more attention to your body and what it needs, so that you don’t overstretch.

Yoga isn’t just stretching. It incorporates alignment, strength, and balance; all things that help to us become more powerful. For me Yoga is mainly about connection. It is to be one with your breath and body and mind, to see the beauty of it and also the horror of it. To embrace humanity for what is. That’s why Yoga for me is part of SELF LOVE.

And nothing wrong with stretching but for me that’s purely about the body. And Yoga for me is about body, mind and soul. The total picture ♥

♥ That’s why Yoga for me is part of SELF LOVE. ♥

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