What I learned from my broken wrist…..

After ten years I finally went snowboarding again!

But on day 4, 7 March 2018, without no specific reason I fell. I fell hard. I cant remember the fall, I must have stood up immediately as I remember myself standing on my board holding my right arm. I knew that is was broken, it was painful and I was afraid that my hand would fall off my arm.

Crazy time, waiting for my banana-ride to the hospital. Imagining myself with a green colored cast entering our room with a big smile, joking about my fall.

Unfortunately the doctor said: “It’s broken, and you need an operation!”

I asked her: “do I really need an operation?

she said: YES!

And so it was my first time in a hospital, my first operation. My whole stay in the hospital was good, I remember I felt super happy that I could walk, as my ‘roomies’ had to go through a knee operation and were not allowed to walk. I was the happiest girl on the world. Also the operation itself was good, with nice disco tunes in my ears, morfine in my blood, I have nice memories to it.

Two days later I went home, living together only with my cat, I had to face some challenges. But it gave me beautiful insides as well.

Ask for help

This aspect of self-care can be the toughest which is why it’s listed first. Sometimes it is not easy asking for help but when you suddenly miss an arm, there are times when it’s a must. And people do want to help! There was plenty that I was not able to do on my own with a fractured wrist in my dominant hand, so I did have to rely on others. Is it always easy to ask for help? No. But in the long run, it may be just what we need to get over the next challenge.

It’s OK to say no

Life goes on whether we are healthy or not but priorities need and should change when we are not 100%. I noticed I could see much more clear, I could say NO a lot easier.  If you try to ignore or push an illness or injury, you’re only inhibiting your full recovery and prolonging the condition. It’s vital to carve out the necessary time you need to heal.

Embrace the mess and ready- made meals

Maintaining a clean house just wasn’t possible for me. As much as that drove me crazy at times, I had to just embrace the mess and focus on what truly mattered. Also cutting vegetables was not possible, I never had eaten so many ready made salades in this time. Many thanks to everyone who helped me cleaning my house, and preparing my food during this time.

Focus on what IS working

I felt so grateful for every movement I could make with my body. I remembered the first time I moved my arm again, and later my elbow, and now I can even move my hand again. Still far from where I wanna be, but its improving everyday! And it makes me feel so grateful for everything what IS working.

I wish no one a broken wrist, but I wish everyone the focus and happiness what comes with it!


Mareille April 2018

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